International multi-discipline clinic which exceeds all world standards.

The first institution of Western Medicine in Korea was founded by an American missionary Dr. Horace Allen, in 1885. Currently, this multi-field hospital, which owns the advanced medical equipment, characterized not only technical equipment, as well as processes and systems, which are the software components. The number of operations carried out per year is around 40,000 former president of the country – winner Kim De Chzhun the Nobel Prize was a regular customer, so the press often calls Severance “presidential hospital.”

All facilities in Yonsei University Hospital System (YUHS) are modern, house state-of-the-art medical equipment, and are operated by a ubiquitous information system that digitally links all organizations together efficiently. With this infrastructure, YUHS continues to develop by balancing education, research and patient care, which together are helping it to realize its mission of freeing humankind from disease and suffering with the love of God.

Based on more than 120 years of experience in medicine, YUHS will strive to be a leader in the industrialization and globalization of medicine, thus helping Yonsei to achieve its goal of becoming the medical hub of Northeast Asia.


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Severance is the first multi-field clinic in Korea, recognized by JCI. Among the 238 clinics in 35 countries that have achieved JCI accreditation, Yonsei Severance is the largest.

When choosing a medical institution for treatment abroad, the following evaluation criteria should be taken into account:

  • availability of advanced medical technologies
  • comfort and conditions of the hospital
  • pricing
  • geographical location, transportation.

Yonsei exceeds all of the concerns mentioned above.

Yonsei Severance has performed the largest number of surgeries with the use of a surgical robot as well as offering cutting edge treatment of diseases such as thyroid tumors, digestive tract tumors, stomach tumors, etc.

Efficiency of treatment. Focusing on the safety and comfort of patients, the clinic provides a system that allows you to begin the treatment process in parallel with the consultation process (on the same day).

The New York Times noted: “Medical facilities in Korea have a great deal of excellent medical staff, educated in the best higher medical institutions in the United States, while the price they offer for treatment is 1/10 of the cost of treatment fees in the US “


(Joint Commission International)

JCI is an international organization for assessing the level of a medical institution, established by the non-profit organization JCAHO

(Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Medical Institutions in the United States), which defines international standards.

JCI ratings are the most trusted. In order to receive JCI recognition, it is necessary to undergo thorough testing for the quality of patient care, taking into account the entire treatment process from the moment the patient enters the hospital.

At the first stage of testing, before receiving the initial certificate, clinical databases are checked within 4 months, and then, after receiving initial accreditation, for 3 years, JCI monitors the clinic’s work to meet the specified standards.

The clinic was initially accredited in 12 service areas (1214 subjects) in 2007, after which the clinic was monitored by JCI staff for 3 years and finally, 3 years later, the clinic received confirmation of accreditation for compliance with international standards.


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You can learn more about the history of Yonsei Hospital and our advanced technologies in medical treatment by downloading the brochure.