The history of the Severance Clinic dates back to 1884.

In 1884, for the first time in Korea, a medical institution of the western model “Kwangheavon” was opened, which was later converted to “Chechzhungvon”, and then to the clinic “Severance”.

A major contribution to the creation of the clinic was made by American philanthropist Lewis H. Severance. The Severance Clinic was created during the Joseon period, when medicine was in great decline.

Charity and medicine are the two main values ​​that underpinned the idea of ​​its creation. Despite the differences in religion that existed at that time in Korea, the clinic opened its doors to all patients who need medical help. And now, for 129 years, guided by the idea of placing the highest value on human life, the Severance clinic has always been a leader in medicine.

The activities of medical personnel, equipped with the most advanced equipment, conducting research and development studies are all aimed at preserving the health and lives of people suffering from heart disease.

The main reason for creating a highly specialized medical institution was the ardent desire to help suffering patients. All employees of the center: not only doctors, but also administrative personnel, make efforts and do everything they can for patients seeking help.

Cardiac Center Severance has always been and remains the first in its field.

Cardiology Center Severance is Korea’s first and only medical institution specializing in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, where heart surgery was first performed.


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The main value of the Cardiovascular Center Severance is patients!

Cardiology, cardiosurgery, pediatric cardiology, anesthesiology, a multidisciplinary medical care system, the Center for the Rehabilitation and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases, as well as a research laboratory whose employees consistently research ideas for the development of new methods of treatment.

Cardiovascular Center Severance is a versatile specialized medical institution in which medical departments function smoothly: cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatric cardiology, anesthesiology, radiology, etc.

There is also an outpatient treatment of patients in the hospital. For example, if a patient who received treatment in the cardiology department needs a consultation from a specialist in the surgical department, then there is no need to schedule a surgeon’s visit.

All treatment units are located in one building, which allows us to provide the necessary assistance at any time to the patient.

Consultations without any delays can be obtained while in the hospital. The most important work for medical personnel is the treatment and care of patients. A multidisciplinary medical service system operates in the center, which allows patients who are admitted to receive consultations and treatment from various specialists.

Hybrid Operating Room

In the clinic of cardiovascular diseases is a place intended for conducting surgical operations by the medical staff of several medical departments.

In Korea, the first hybrid operating room was opened in the Cardiology Center Severance. Unlike a standard operating room, the hybrid operating theater carries out operations of high complexity to patients who are in serious condition who require more advanced medical care.

In such cases, doctors of the cardiology and cardiosurgery departments start simultaneous joint treatment.

In other medical institutions, patients need at least two hospitalizations to receive the necessary treatment or wait their turn for 24 hours. In our center, this problem is completely solved. A vivid example of this is the hybrid operating room, in which doctors of several departments work together: cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, radiology, anesthesiology.

The Cardiology Center of Severance has rich experience in conducting hybrid operations, and the number of successfully performed operations significantly exceeds those of other medical institutions. The hybrid operating room is the place where the patient can be provided with the most suitable and effective method of treatment. To achieve this goal, the operating room is equipped with all necessary equipment, the availability of which allows Severance Hospital to minimize the movement of patients during medical procedures, as well as conduct simultaneous operations from simple to complex.


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Center for the rehabilitation and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

The center was opened in 2011 to provide quality medical care to patients.

The main objective of the center is the prevention of heart diseases, diagnostics, as well as conducting effective rehabilitation treatment and assisting patients in early recovery and return to everyday life.

The rehabilitation program of the center includes rehabilitation treatment, special diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, and assessment of the overall general health of the patient.

Providing the patients with complex treatment, corresponding to the world standards of medicine, the rehabilitation center sets itself the main task of improving the quality of life of patients who have suffered from heart diseases.

Research laboratory.

Cardiovascular Center Severance began its work in 1991 simultaneously with the opening of the center. Since the inception of the center, the staff was faced with the question of what is essential for patients.

Naturally, the implementation of effective treatment is the paramount and most important moment in the work of the center. However, an equally important and necessary treatment that distinguishes Severance from other medical institutions is the provision of medical services that meet the ever evolving development of medicine.

To this end, a research laboratory was established, in which a constant development of various effective methods of treatment is conducted. From the moment of creation up to the present time in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases, the laboratory conducts basic scientific and clinical studies, improves the methods of diagnostics and treatment to improve medicine and public health.

To achieve these goals, the laboratory is currently engaged in comprehensive research involving specialists in the field of clinical medicine, biomedical sciences, and healthcare. In addition, the research laboratory performs various government research requests, and participates in international cooperation. The achieved results are periodically covered at internal and international scientific meetings, and also published in international scientific and medical publications.


You can learn more about the history of Severance Hospital, and all of our capabilities, by downloading our information brochure. Also in the brochure are advanced technologies of treatment and other useful information.