Out of the darkness – into the world of light and colors, from silence – into the world of sounds and music!

Leaders in medicine, professionals in our clinic work in order to give patients bright colors and sounds of the world. Our goal is to always be near you. The Clinic of Ophthalmology and ENT Clinic have more than 130 years of history. The goal is to have the highest standards of treatment. We will provide a comfortable medical atmosphere above and beyond international standards. In 1996 – the year of the foundation of the first specialized clinic of ophthalmology and otolaryngology in Korea. The pride of the clinic is the high professionalism of the clinic team, many scientific developments, and an expanded infrastructure.


More than 70 scientific works per year, published in the scientific periodical of the SCI level.

The number of outpatients is 130,000 people, more than 130,000 people every year begin to see the light.

Over 12,000 operations conducted each year.

Specialized departments of the clinic of ophthalmology:

  • Department of Eye Surgery
  • Center of the retina
  • Center of glaucoma
  • Department of Plastic Surgery
  • Center of child strabismus
  • Department of Ophthalmic Neurology

Specialized clinics of ophthalmology:

  • Clinic of retinal pathology
  • Premium Cataract Clinic
  • Clinic of tumors of the eye and the iris
  • Nystagmus Clinic
  • Clinic of exophthalmos
  • Eye Prosthetics Clinic



8 (800) 200-73-70


The Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology Clinic conducts a number of highly specialized surveys to check the condition and function of the organs responsible for breathing, smelling, hearing and speaking.

The first operation by robot, the introduction of the newest methods of treatment, the implementation of professional medical care in 13 specialized clinics, the effectiveness and success of treatment, a rich experience in conducting reconstructive operations.

The first clinic in Korea of maxillofacial oncology. A high percentage of the effectiveness of the therapy and reconstructive surgeries is based on professional consultation, thanks to which an accurate diagnosis is made, and effective surgical treatment, radiation and postoperative medical therapy are performed.

  • The clinic was awarded the highest category (category A) for scientific research, the Ministry of Science, ICT and planning for the future.
  • 5600 operations per year
  • 100 000 outpatients (including craniofacial clinic)

Specialized clinics:

  • Department of craniofacial surgery
  • Clinic of craniofacial oncology
  • Clinic of craniofacial robotic endoscopy
  • Specialized speech and sound clinic

Rhinological department:

  • Clinic of allergic rhinitis
  • Clinic of taste and smell
  • Nose plastic surgery clinic
  • Clinic of sleep
  • Clinic of oncology of the sinuses of the nose

Otological office:

  • Clinic for the rehabilitation of deafness
  • Clinic of vestibular disorders
  • Clinic of Auditory Disorders
  • Cranial surgery
  • Ear plastic surgery clinic


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