Rehabilitation clinic

In 1952, Severance Hospital opened the first physiotherapy clinic in Finland and in 1987 founded the Severance Rehabilitation Clinic, as the only rehabilitation hospital in Korea’s medical schools. Since then, the clinic has played a leading role in rehabilitation in Korea.

Upon completion of the reconstruction of the clinic in April 2011, the rehabilitation clinic “Severance” became the Center of Excellence. The clinic plays a leading role in rehabilitation therapy.

The clinic uses the latest medical technologies and systems, the clinic serves patients who need rehabilitation treatment, educates and educates professional rehabilitation therapists and provides quality world-class treatment. Based on its strong reputation in Korea, the Rehabilitation Clinic aims to become the top rehabilitation center in the world.


In 1992, Severance Rehabilitation Clinic set up an Association of Disabled People with Spinal Cord Injury to help patients suffering from paralysis in the lower back and acroparalysis caused by traffic accidents, industrial accidents or diseases.

In July 2003, the clinic established the Association for the Support of Rehabilitation Hospitals of the University of Yonsei, which provides assistance to patients with cerebral stroke and cerebral palsy. The main goal of the association is to help people with disabilities to rehabilitate themselves and return to society.

Rehabilitation Clinic Units:

  • Clinic for the rehabilitation of patients after a stroke
  • Clinic for the rehabilitation of the brain
  • Clinic for rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Clinic of rehabilitation after amputation
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Rehabilitation clinic of musculoskeletal pain
  • Sports Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Clinic for the rehabilitation of patients with obesity
  • Clinic of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  • Department of Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation clinic for patients with Osteoarthritis and Prosthetics
  • Department of Psychological Rehabilitation
  • Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Aqua Therapy
  • Electrodiagnostic laboratory
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy
  • Urodynamic laboratory
  • Research Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Office of Social Services


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The program of medical rehabilitation is designed to support patients with financial difficulties and model patients who have successfully returned to society.

It supports disabled people with low incomes, students, members of the sports team of Yonsei, foreigners and model patients.

The program of sports rehabilitation is aimed at helping disabled people to keep their body in proper condition and enjoy sport in their life.

To this end, the sports team of Yonsei was established.
Work and support of sports teams.

The cultural rehabilitation program supports cultural clubs and organizations to help people with disabilities enjoy leisure and hobbies.

Supports the artist’s club for the disabled and the singing choir Solapide.

The social rehabilitation program encourages patients with disabilities to return to society and support them and their families.

Organizes the event “Patient Rehabilitation Day” and grants scholarships to students with disabilities or disabled people.

The missionary rehabilitation program helps physicians and therapists from developing countries to receive training in Korea and support international volunteers from Korea. This is part of the effort to share the knowledge and medical treatments for countries that are struggling.

Support for the training of foreign experts in Korea / international volunteering.


8 (800) 200-73-70


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